Victim & Witness

The Victims' Witness Assistance Program of King George County provides comprehensive information and direct services to crime victims and witnesses in accordance with the Virginia Crime Victim and Witness Rights Act as well as other applicable victim rights laws.


The goal of this program is to provide services to victims and witnesses throughout the entire court system. The Program offers support, helps obtain financial assistance if needed, and obtains counseling during and after court procedures.

Office Services

  • The office is available to the victim from the first contact with court system 
  • Attends interviews with victim and the Office of the Commonwealth Attorney
  • Acquaints the victim with the court room and the procedures
  • provides necessary help as needed
  • Attends court procedures with each victim 
  • After closing of case conducts a follow up conference either by phone or personal visit

The Program also notifies crime victims and witnesses about court dates and criminal release dates, as well as the outcome of any appeals.