How to Use This Guide

So you want to start a business in King George. But you don't know what to do, where to go, who to ask, or where to start. You have a million and one questions and no idea where to find the answers.

 Document Purpose

Well, hopefully, this guide will point you in the right direction. Starting a business is a very big undertaking and to do it right requires thorough research of the business idea, structure, plan, and location. Doing so will eliminate a number of issues and avoid potential pitfalls. This document is a quick guide that highlights the more important things to consider when starting a business. It should not be used as the only resource of information in the business start-up process. There are a number of organizations, individuals, and online resources available to assist you and many will be mentioned in this guide. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you consult (and perhaps retain) a CPA / accountant, attorney, and insurance agent as you begin the process of establishing your business. These professionals can address specific topics that are relevant to your business and offer professional counsel within their areas of expertise.

So what are the some of the steps to starting a business? The following are steps that you should consider as you formalize your business. The order of the steps listed below is not necessarily the order in which the tasks need to be done depending on the nature of the business. It is important to note, that some steps are simultaneous and can be done in conjunction with one another. In addition you may begin one step before completing the proceeding step and may skip a step based on time frame or issues specific to your business. However, if you address all of the steps below, you should be well on your way to starting your business.