Annual Report

2022 Annual Report

During the 2022 calendar year, things were looking up from the effects of the pandemic! King George Sheriff’s Office was able to participate in several of our usual events like years previous such as the Special Olympics Polar Plunge, VA Special Olympics Torch Run, Bright Beginnings Back to School Program, Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center "Save Jane" event, Impactful Beginnings Event, Fall Festival and Shop with a Sheriff during the Christmas Holiday. We hosted two new events this year including our Inaugural Youth Criminal Justice Academy for ages 12 -18 where we hosted 22 students and KGSO Summer Learning Time for age 4-8.

King George Animal Control hosted their Spring and Fall Rabies Clinics in April and September.

The King George Sheriff’s Office also hosted two summer interns, Christian Mekalainas and Aidan Parr. Both successfully completed a minimum of 120 hours of internship. David Norris and our previous summer intern, Shane Hagewood from 2021 were both awarded the 2022 Virginia Sheriff’s Institute $1000 Scholarship. He is pursuing his career in Criminal Justice at Regent University. Deputy B. Marini continues to host the TRIAD program for seniors on the second Tuesday of the month on topics such as: various scams, AARP Smart Driver courses and Refuse to be a Victim. 

The Empowerhouse organization supporting survivors of domestic violence continues to be a vital asset to the Sheriff’s Office and the citizens of King George County. The Sheriff’s Office raised $1,320 in our “No Shave November” fundraiser, where deputies pay to grow a beard, which is normally out of regulation. The money was presented to Empowerhouse who provides critical services for our area and was donated to an area domestic violence shelter that suffered a devastating fire in July caused by a lightning strike.

The King George Sheriff’s Office had some promotions in 2022 that includes the following:

1 Sergeant J. Simmons to Lieutenant, Patrol 
Lieutenant Weston to Captain 
Deputy K. Staples to Assistant Communications Director 
Deputy D. Marcuse to Sergeant, Patrol

The King George Sheriff’s Office continued to grow in 2022 with the following additional staff:

Jazlyn Torres-Communications Officer
Randi Blake-Communications Officer 
Porter Preston-Communications Officer P/T 
Rebecca Baker-Communications Officer 
Mikayla Delcoco-Communications Officer 
Kellie Thompson-Communications Officer 
Devon Russell-Communications Officer P/T
Steven Kellam-Deputy Sheriff Patrol 
Megan Smith-Deputy Sheriff Patrol 
Johnna Sylvester-Deputy Sheriff Patrol 
Chad Conn-Deputy Sheriff Patrol 
Brett Rothman-Deputy Sheriff Patrol 
Tyler Thompson-Deputy Sheriff Patrol

Total calls for service 63,029
Total arrests
486 (1792 warrants)
Total summonses 5,595
Criminal cases investigated 1,799
Total DUI arrests 98
Total drug arrests 60
Traffic stops 5735
Civil papers served 6203
Prisoner transports in VA 357 adults, 20 juveniles
Extraditions-out of state 13
Mental transports  48 (146 Calls for Service)