Request a Ride-Along

Ride-Along Application

This Ride-Along Application is for individuals who are seeking to ascertain if this profession is something that they may be interested in delving into, or for the provider who is attempting to obtain patient contacts as part of their educational curriculum that aren't already members of the King George Fire Department. 

You must complete this application in its entirety, including obtaining a notary signature. This is a profession with many hazards and by submitting this notarized waiver form, you are assuming liability for yourself if anything detrimental occurs while you are acting in this capacity.

The completed hard-copy application must be mailed or hand-delivered to King George Fire Department Co 1/Headquarters 8122 Kings Highway, King George, VA 22485, Attn: Lieutenant Carolyn McGee.

Once the form has been received, you will be contacted for scheduling opportunities. Scheduling a shift is dependent on the type of unit you are requiring for your class (BLS or ALS), available preceptors, available units, events, etc. Station assignments may vary.