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Economic Development Incentive Zones

  1. Economic Development Incentive Zone Application
  2. Primary Point of Contact

  3. Business and Project Information
  4. Business is*
  5. Please include the name of the property or tax parcel, or building

  6. Job Creation and Capital Investment
  7. Example: 

    5 software developers

    10 machinist 

    5 system administrators

    7 computer component assemblers

  8. Be as detailed as possible:


    $250,000 in new computer equipment and network infrastructure

    $250,000 in new metal machining equipment

    $50,000 in new welding equipment

  9. Be as detailed as possible: 


    $10,000,000 in new shell building

    $50,000 in new fire sprinkler system

    $250,000 in secure office spaces

    $500,000 in new lab space  

  10. County Interest
  11. How did you find out about the King George County Economic Development Incentive Zones:*

    Check all that apply

  12. Required Documents
  13. Please upload any relevant documents. 


    Business plan: financial health, growth plans, business history

    Project plan (if available) 

    Certificate of Incorporation 

    Information on business governance 

  14. Signature Agreement
  15. Electronic Signature Agreement
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